Monday, June 2, 2008

Late in coming

For lack of photos, I've included some recent doodles of ideas, sketched so quickly that I haven't even had a chance to get them into my notebook.

This has been a few weeks of changing and rearranging. Starting from the back and working to the front... Lando has had his first distemper shot and is now in the hands of his new daddy Les. I already miss him terribly, but he's very happy where he is, with an entire house to run around in.

We got a nice new king sized bedroom set, and the bedroom is now all bed. It is a room meant for one thing, and it makes sure you know it. I'm already enjoying propping up my pillows, grabbing some stitching, and relaxing while watching a movie, cuddled in the vast expanse of comfort. And at night, Dane doesn't gouge me in his sleep with his pointy toenails.

Due to the influx of new furniture, this has led to a complete redesign of the spare room, and has gotten Dane to finally admit that, aside from the computer, the room is essentially mine. I have assimilated it. I am grinning evilly.

As I have been cleaning and rearranging, I have been finding many new ideas hidden, footnotes to bits and pieces of things I forgot I had. It's been very hard to not be able to instantly give life to these ideas among the mess of spring cleaning.

However, I am making progress on my Diet quilt to the point that it feels more tangible than when I started. A solid and real thing is emerging from my scraps. At a loss as to what to do when I forgot the main part of the quilt on a road trip, but still with a box of scraps on my lap, I stitched together some small squares, measured and cut right there in the car. Pieced by hand, it became a mini patchwork to add to the main piece. I have since basted it in the very center of the main body. Scraps for this new addition were kindly donated by dear Mary Anne.

We went to the Dallas area over Memorial weekend and saw my sister and nephews. We all went to Scarborough Faire together, which was awesome as most renaissance festivals are, and I got tons more ideas to add to the already overflowing box in my head. Those will have to wait until next year, however, as they're only relevant to RenFaire season.

Final order of business until next post, which should be in the next day (I'm still preparing pictorial evidence), is that Summer semester starts tomorrow, and I begin the frightening task of Anatomy and Physiology. I have some plans for this semester to keep me from missing out on the time I need to craft. Wish me luck, one and all!


Judi W. said...

Like the house sketch! So another talent is revealed - you can draw! Best of luck with A&P - I remember that class - the instructor would bring in body parts and at the end of the course we went up to the University and saw cadavers - half skinned! We were in a room full of plastic covered bodies laying on tables. That was 30 odd years ago. Some visuals never, ever leave your head, LOL.

Robyn said...

I love doodles with labels. Reminds me of my idea books. Lots of sketches and quotes and thoughts. They inspire me.

Jackie said...

Thank you for the link and visit. Your kitten is adorable how could you part with him?
I had a shock when you said you 'basted the middle of the fabric'. To me basting is pouring fat over a joint of meat roasting in the oven! Then I remembered its tacking. I'll be back.
Your little sketches are nice litte art works in their own right.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Sketching is not my strong point and yours is lovely!