Saturday, May 17, 2008

Somewhere between red, green, and bananas

Need to clean today. We're getting a king sized bed to replace our queen because Dane likes to sleep either in the middle of the bed, or horizontally, and the cats take up whatever room is left.

The piece I'm working on, the Diet Quilt for lack of a better term, is waiting for me to add a soft quilter's flannel backing to it to give it some substance before I start any hand-quilting or surface embellishment. Once I removed the paper from the backs of the squares, I realized just how thin some of the fabrics were. I'm going to incorporate some of the soft wool sweater pieces, and I'll see what interesting little tidbits I can find in the box of scraps that dear Mary has sent me.

I'm also drinking a lot of tea, first because it's on my diet, and second because I'm saving the used tea bags and drying them out. There's a lovely project that teaches how to use the teabag paper in the latest Quilting Arts magazine (which also has an article in it by the lovely Denise Aumick, whose blog, Wild Thread Studio Art Quilts, is listed to the side.)

It seems whenever I have free time to work on a project, I feel almost paralyzed and can't actually start. And then when I'm trying to sleep or I'm in the middle of something else, ideas hit me hard and I long to run to the spare room and either get started right away, or find my journal and sketch out the idea. Invariably, I always seem to be away from my journal at these times, so perhaps I should strap that thing to my head. It can be a very stylish hat.

I did get Teesha Moore's Journal Book Set (found here) and it has such lovely full-color representations of some of her very beautiful journal pages. I expect to get lots of inspiration from them, and possibly come up with some techniques as well to achieve similar ends. I feel that one very effective way to learn is to study, emulate, and create a version of beautiful work to get a handle on techniques and styles. By no means am I condoning stealing another person's work or infringing on any type of idea-ganking. However, I do feel that you need someone to be a role model before you can be one yourself.

Here is Lando being silly.

Untitled from Cindibee on Vimeo.


jude said...

i love this video, and your "cold voice" is quite enchanting. hope you feel better.