Friday, June 6, 2008

A little surprise

I find myself being bored. And surrounded by an excess of stuff as I sort through my spare room.

Anyone care for an awesomely awesome little care package of collage goodies, free of charge?

All I ask is you show me whatever you make from what I send you. And if you're interested in an ATC swap in the process, so be it.

(Judi, if you're the only one that responds, you'll be stuck with another project!)

Winners and items will be chosen by Bunny and Babydoll.


Ailweni Elensar said...


Do you have any shiny (or unshiny) rocks? Or know anyone who does? I wanna play with candles and rocks :)

Cindibee said...

ATC = Artist Trading Card. Do a quick Google search and you'll unearth a whole bunch of info about them. I got hooked about a year and a half ago, though I haven't had much time recently to conduct very many trades.

Hrmm... rocks..... I don't know that I do. I have a ton of seashells from a few separate trips to the Gulf. Interested in those?

By the way, what's your email? Give me a holler at and let me know!

art spirit said...

love that Bunny and Baby doll!!!

Judi W. said...

Oh, I'll respond all right ... DON'T SEND IT TO ME ... LOL ... I was just telling my daughter that I have more stuff than I'll ever be able to use in my lifetime!!! I have a box packed to send to YOU!!!!

BTW, I love Bunny and Babydoll too!

Jackie said...

Sorry mine are not ATCs! I will be doing some. Sometime. Later when I'm not so busy.
Your mother's day post was quite touching.Thank the Lord you had a sister, but perhaps with time you may come to understand your mother and forgive. I am a lot older than you (Nearly 57)and find even now, as each day goes by I have more and different understanding of the past.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

OO, thank you for the b-day giftee!!! ;) Can't wait till it arrives and to see what I do with it... it may be soooome time before I can get to it, but I'd love to share the outcome with you. Thanks for your graciousness & enthusiasm. STOP being bored, no TIME for that! Now I do hope you save one lot for yourself... CHALLENGE your day to completing a piece of ar using just what you've tucked away inside the goodie bag. We'll tackle this opportunity together. :)

My best to you, Monica

Anonymous said...

Inspiring blog! Thank You
Denise Nantasket Beach,Massachusetts

Shashi Nayagam said...

Wish my house could miraculously accomodate more stuff but alas....