Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A goal of finishing

I think I'll set a goal for myself for the rest of Spring Break. I shall finish what I have started, mainly the Escaping Bugs quilt top and the table runner. I shall also post pictures of the owl art quilt from this post as it is not only finished, but in the hands of its new owner, Heather Armstrong of And remember this post? Where you can see an in-progress picture of yet another project? That book, which was a present for Tanya's birthday, has been successfully scanned. But have I posted it? No...

I am holding out a ruler and my hand. Feel free to take the ruler and slap the hand.

In any case, I was thinking for a while of making a book and calling it The Book of Finishing and writing in it all of the things I need to finish. But then I realized that I'd just be starting another project that wouldn't get finished. So I think I'll just make a List of Finishing and put it in my current art journal, because that's so much easier. And really, despite all of my lofty goals, I can be quite lazy. I didn't even clean the apartment until my mom-in-law was expected to visit.


art spirit said...

Hi Cindi...let's trade! I will make another owl for you.. Surprise me!
thanks for your comments...they always make me smile!

Judi W. said...

Ah, lists ... I love lists ... my life is not complete without a few of them, LOL.

Andrea said...

Hey there, Thank for contacting me.
I have been getting replys from people who wish to buy my fabric. But what fun is that? Anyway, the Rik Rak fabric is yours for a bag of mixed fabric. Your very talented and also have good taste in fabric. I toke a peek at your images. I love the owl quilt. I have tried to do a owl quilt many times but it just doesn't come out right.
You can contact me directly at