Monday, January 7, 2008

Frantically scrambling

A little preview into my current state of.... stuff.

This next week is going to be extremely busy, as I only just realized that classes start next Monday. I need to finish a few projects, such as Tanya's birthday present (which, yes, I didn't have finished on her birthday last Wednesday...) and I need to finish my sister's cushion. I'm supposed to go up to Fort Worth at some point and give my presents to the nephews and return a bunch of books to Sheri.

I also need to at least look over my textbooks, so I feel a little prepared. But good among all of this is that we got a new printer last night! Which means I can finally print out all of those online patterns I found, and scan in some photos from Tanya's birthday.

I've also discovered that if I truly put my mind to it, I can take, edit, and upload a picture in a very short amount of time (i.e., before Tanya gets here for our 4pm lunch).


Judi said...

One week of pure freedom left ... enjoy it! I like whatever is on the wall? Fabric? A wall hanging from India?

Cindibee said...

Yes, one week. Which, I'm certain, will go by way too fast.

The wall hanging is from Bed, Bath and Beyond and it's been up on one wall or another for the last four years. Lately I've started pinning inspiration, drawings, and patterns to it, like a bulletin board, since it's right over my desk.

One of these days (i.e., in fifty years) I'm going to have my very own room that I don't have to share with Dane or a computer or anything. And then I can have three or four work tables and two sewing machines that I don't have to move whenever I need a flat surface, and my fabric will be strewn everywhere.