Saturday, February 16, 2008

Freedom is the ability to fill your sewing room with as much crap as possible

Lots of news and fun stuff from the last week or so. I'll try to include a little bit of everything. I should break in the new blog layout with a nice long entry, after all.

Last Saturday, we went down to Lake Jackson, an area of Texas near Galveston, for a Ron Paul rally. Tanya came with us and we got to hear Ron speak, which was unbelievably awesome. There were tons of people there supporting him. He had a lot of very insightful and inspiring things to say, and I managed to capture the whole speech on video with my nifty camera. I'll be transcribing the speech if anyone's interested. If you'd like to actually see the speech, I would suggest doing a search online for the Lake Jackson Congressional Rally, as the quality of my video isn't very good. Lots of shoulders and picture-jiggling.

After the rally, we drove down to the beach, which was just 10 miles away, and I got to see the ocean for the first time since age 2. Completely amazing and very beautiful, even with the overcast sky. (And yes, the picture in my header is from that trip. That's me wading in the sand and collecting seashells.)

Tanya was quite freaked by the seagulls flipping out over the food we brought for them. They swarmed into a cloud of beaks and feathers that I have to agree was pretty intimidating.

So, rest of the week. Psych test was Thursday, and I did awesome! So I'm pretty happy about that. Grade came back from the Microbiology test, and that was a total A, and Sociology wasn't too bad either.

I got a whole giant box of fabric in the mail, courtesy of my dead grandmother. There's a lot of really awesome prints, and this photo doesn't nearly show all of the kick ass-ness of this fabric. When my mom got all of the fabric from the estate, she called to ask what types of prints I wanted, to which I replied "Just give me half of anything cotton. I guarantee I will use it at some point in my life." So she sent this giant box stuffed to the gills with tons of old fabric and, oddly enough, she included my violin from when I was in high school. My mother's weird.

I also finished the chameleon foundation block for a quilt I've been working on for some time. It's called Escaping Bugs and it's a Bottle Quilt Co. pattern. (I would link to their webpage, but the site was shut down after the passing of the owner.)

I've been saving up different bug fabrics for a very long time, and I had the majority of them stuffed into a basket with the pattern since before I moved to Texas. They sat in a box or the closet or just hidden somewhere for the last four years, and I was almost convinced I'd left them back in Reno. But I finally started on this quilt a few months ago. (I ended up having enough bug fabric for three quilts, so I sent some pre-cut blocks to my sister and aunt.) Now that my chameleon block is finished, I just have to finish the Sticky-Tongued Frog and then put the top together.

Last bit of news: I bought Dane a Nintendo Wii for Valentine's Day, officially making me the most amazing wife in the world.

And I close this post with a challenge! I want to see some artistic representations of this photo from my beach trip:

Use any medium, make it any size, add any elements, do whatever. I have plans for this picture, and I'd love to see what others can do with it!


Shashi Nayagam said...

Your foundation block is lovely. Love the way the bugs are made up.It is going to be a glorious quilt. I love going to the seashore and collecting shells. Last time when I went to India I collected a load. Washed them put them away. The following day I went following my nose thinking where the heck the fishy smell was coming from LOL!! It was ofcourse the shells. I just couldn't get rid of the smell. It wouldn' go no matter how many times I washed them. Finally I dunked them in a mild soloution of bleach. That did the trick but I think some of the shells lost their shiny surface.

Ailweni Elensar said...

Hey! Kedemel on LJ.

My hubby was at that same rally! He posted up some video earlier :D

Cindibee said...


Awesome! Were you there too? It would have been cool if you were. Then we could actually meet. It really is quite disgraceful that we live in the same town and have never even said hi. Perhaps I shall arrange a run-in with you sometime soon.

In any case, glad to hear you're doing well (aside from your uncle dying, to which I am soooo sorry and I give you many hugs). I love what you wrote to the S. Africa scammer! And I hope you find a good home for your puppy! I would take him if Dane would let us have a dog...

Ailweni Elensar said...

No, I wasn't able to make it - I had to work. Dead people, you know!



And yeah! We live in such a small town too! We've probably met but never realized it, ha!

And thank you for the hugs. I miss him :(

I love f*cking with online people, idiots, all of them!

We've met with some people for the doggy, but no one wants him :(

Judi Wellnitz said...

Now I might end up with time to screw with the photo - once I get the software loaded to my computer! The quilt blocks are a lot of fun - I'll be looking forward to seeing it done. Score on the fabric, eh?

What'cha gonna do with the violin?

Is Dane trying the crane move from the old Karate Kid movie?