Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Presents are an awesome way to start the day

What can I possibly say about Monica Magness right now other than, Oh my god, Amazing. I was having one of the most god-awful weeks of my life, full of stress and mood swings and fights and flu symptoms and migraines and pregnancy scares (can't afford a baby right now) and a complete and utter lack of any sort of creative spark. I can usually handle the stress when I can turn to my art for solace, but that hasn't been the case lately. (Dane taking over the spare room to play Warhammer Online all night long may have something to do with it as well...)

But this morning, when I woke up and decided to check the mail, I joked with myself that "Wouldn't it be awesome if I got something cool in the mail today?" And like God himself had thought that You know what? Cindi's had enough for one year-crammed-into-a-week-of-shite.... ta-da!

What a beautiful little package of goodies that just happened to be waiting for me. Fabric with skulls on it! How did you know I adore skulls in my "secretly Hot Topic" sort of way? Vintage-y buttons and OMG a dice bead to satisfy my Nevada upbringing. A pincushion full of I-Spy fabric goodness. I spent ten minutes just identifying fabrics and prints. Like, for a solid two minutes, I kept thinking this section right here was alien heads before it dawned on me that they were ladybugs, and then I contemplated the awesomeness of a print that can be two such entirely separate things at once.

(Are you getting the idea that I'm overly obsessed with fabric and prints of all kinds? Why do you think my husband has taken away my fabric shopping privileges? He got so tired of hearing "But look at the priiiint!!! Of course I had to have it! These owls look different than the other fifteen owl prints I have. These ones are greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!")

And what an ingenious tag on that pincushion. You must have the mostest awesomest sewing machine in the whole wide world.

Pardon if I'm overstating my happiness and joy, but wrapped up in this simple bundle of goodness was a ton of inspiration, love, and good will that has brought me out of a gloom faster than any amount of prescription drugs. Monica, you are amazing and a wonderful friend to have.


Shashi Nayagam said...

Oh how lovely to get such a beautiful gift. I bet it made your day.