Tuesday, August 5, 2008

An actual notification...

...as opposed to just disappearing for a while.

Tomorrow I pick up my nephews, who will be staying with us for five days while my sister goes to our cousin's wedding, where she is maid of honor. I don't have the money to fly to Reno, so I have no problem being on kid duty for the next few days.

Summer semester II is finally done, and now I can have a few weeks to breathe before Fall semester begins. Tanya's asked me if I regret doing back-to-back-to-back semesters, and I'd have to say... ask me when I've graduated. Then I'll add up the busy weekends and immense brain-expanding headaches and calculate them against my massive salary.

In other news, before I wrap this up and start washing the dishes, my grandmother is coming to the end of things, so my husband and I have been invited to Utah over Labor Day weekend for a small family reunion. It's a sort-of last big hurrah before the colder months start to roll in and take their toll on her waning health. Tickets are already bought and paid for, courtesy of my uncle. I'll have to remind Dane that Utah isn't like Texas. He'll need to bring a sweater! And will actually wear it! He had to bring a coat on our honeymoon because he hadn't realized that Octobers in Utah act like they're supposed to, instead of oh-my-god-my-face-is-melting-off like Texas.



Brenda Wampler said...

Oh my god my face HAS melted as I am in Texas!
Just wanted to say that I love your charms for Think Pink!