Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tiny Seashells

Something I've been wanting to do is get involved in Inspire Me Thursday. I've had the link up on my sidebar for a while now, but I keep missing Thursdays. So this will be my first, even though it's on a Sunday. The theme this week was The Beach and, looking around for something inspiring, you would think I pulled out my nearly 200 seashells from the Gulf of Mexico in Galveston. But that seems like too much the obvious choice.

Instead, I grabbed my stamp carving stuff and made some little seashell stamps, a little bigger than a dime. I think they're cute.


s.l.greek said...

welcome to inspire me thursday. how these folks post on thurs. & friday i will never know. for me it;s monday and tuesday-hey it all counts.

Jenn: said...

I love the way this looks. It is beautiful. Don't worry, lots of stuff comes in later in the week. ;0)

kazumiwannabe said...

Nice! Lovely colors and great job on the stamps!