Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I'm feeling remarkably better. I treated myself to a facial today and it was ever so lovely...

Psychology test tomorrow (and yes, I know I really need to be in bed right now...) and I always feel better after tests because I always seem to ace them no matter how much I feel that I'm slacking, and then I can breathe a temporary sigh of relief.

I was slightly miffed over the weekend when I discovered that someone had sabotaged one of my Unknowns. The cover had been taken off my dish and it was contaminated by whatever random bacteria was floating in the air. I had to regrow a plate, but I checked things today and they're coming along fine. I already figured out one of the two organisms. The Gram negative has yet to reveal itself to me.

I also sold some stuff at a garage sale that Tanya's mom was holding, and I made $80, which I hadn't expected. I plan on using the extra money to finally buy some needle-felting materials. I also got a sunburn at that garage sale because my pesky translucent skin is very.... irritable.

Here is a lovely picture of a planet. Or is it... You tell me.


girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Lunch with you would be grand! I know one day we will return to the SW and thus make a trip to Corpus to take in the sun, fishing and a feast of crab (not that I'm a big seafood eater, usually opt for chicken, lol).

Now, this pic... what is it? I don't trust my imagination here at all. -laughs-

~Monica :)

Psychology, my favorite thing to study. Oh, you're dangerous! lol

Judi W. said...

Glad you're feeling better! Nothing like a facial to give you a boost!

I have no idea what the photo is but I love the colors!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

oh, that's what it is. I should have guessed that. -ya right- LOL

What a neat batik pattern it'd make for fabric. ha! ~Monica

good, we'll throw the crab to the sea and eat CHICKEN, that's my girl.

Andrea said...

So your taking psychology. My daughter will be going to Unvir. Santa Cruz to study psychology. Uh-Oh, I think I let my age show! Anyways, yes I would still like to trade. I got caught up in art matters and let some things slide like the fabric exchange. I believe you where interested in the Ric Rack fabric. Here is my regular email andzuill@yahoo.com.

Andrea said...

Yes, I would still love to trade fabric. I kind of got caught up in some art stuff and let a few things slide. Anyway, here is my email, andzuill@yahoo.com. Contact my there directly.