Thursday, January 17, 2008

Whimsical Repose

Busy last few days. I should be asleep right now since I have class in the morning at 10:35, but I needed to center myself a little, so I took some time to iron the growing stack of new fabric sitting on my ironing board and cut out the pieces for a little cosmetic-sized bag.

What is it about ironing that leads to a state of calm? Is it the repetition? The soft hiss of the steam? The smoothing of the folds that feels like completing a gentle favor to the fabric? It seems terribly domestic and 1950 of me to find such quiet contemplation from a household task, but I like embracing my inner homemaker. (Of course, in many ways, I kind of have to, seeing as Dane doesn't even know how to boil water or brown hamburger meat. If it weren't for me, that man would starve...)

The Supr Top Sekret project I mentioned in this post is finished, so I can post about it. I bought a simple journal, tore out two thirds of the pages, decorated another portion of the pages, then gave it to Tanya for her birthday. The idea is that she'll be inspired by some of my collaging in the book and add her own. Once the book is filled, along with info written in it by her friends and family on "Why Tanya is Awesome", she'll hand it back to me and I will make her a quilt based on her images. The quilt probably won't be done until her next birthday, but at least I'm honest about my procrastination. She thought it sounded pretty cool and vowed to tell her dyslexia to take a hike long enough for her to scribble some thoughts in it herself.

And of course, I failed to get scans of the book, and I'll have to borrow it back from her before I can post some of the pages here. I really am quite a shitty blogger... But then I only have an audience of like, five. Bed now! School tomorrow. Craftiness this weekend and Monday since I have that day off!


Judi said...

I'd only worry about the ironing if I was wearing a cute little apron over my dress as I did it!

Cindibee said...

If I were to wear one, it would be a really ridiculous one that said something witty and slightly political and/or scathing, that only a really liberal person (or someone living in Austin) would find funny, and every respectable housewife would shake her head at me and say I'm a disgrace to the name of white picket fences.