Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Looking towards sunset

I have been quite neglectful in saying pretty much anything of late, to which I heartily apologize. I had/have three tests this week (already finished two) and have been studying my crafty little behind off. (I believe crafty behinds are particularly sparkly in comparison to non-crafty behinds.) Spring Break is next week, so my professors felt it necessary to pack everything into this week because we all know how drunk and irresponsible college students get over Spring Break. If anyone attempted to take a test after vacation, you'd see a lot of permanent liquor-induced amnesia.

So, there was a wonderful project presented over at Monica's journal, Girl Gone Thread Wild. I'm sure quite a few of you have not only heard of it, but participated in it. I was planning to send in more than one square, but the one I made was a lot more time-consuming than I expected. I used a thick green quilting thread to wrap the edges of my square (which can be seen here, precisely 22 contributors down) and it actually took close to a few hours, probably because of my self-inflicted need for near perfection. And because I joined the charity very near the end, I didn't want to risk missing the March 1st due date and so I just sent off my one square.

Besides studying and making a tiny 2x2" square, which you would think wouldn't suck up an entire week and some, I've been attempting to get a normal amount of sleep. I suspected for a time that I was pregnant, due to odd sleeping, odd random bouts of passing nausea, and some very weird dreams where I already birthed the baby and had to figure out how to tell Dane I was pregnant in the first place without his head going 'asplodey. I realize dreams are no definitive indication of condition, but I was just having so many and was seriously considering, when paired with the random nausea, if it was my body's overt way of saying "Hey! Guess what! Your college career is f*cked!" Turns out the nausea was most likely caused by the sleep dep.


Judi Wellnitz said...

Ya got me with the preggo biz .. I thought you WERE for a few lines! I had a big grin on my face ... still do even tho' you're not! Sleep is good - I'm not going to tell you how much my body has decided it needs in my old age, lOL.