Wednesday, January 2, 2008

To visualize the beginning, you must visualize the end

I'm working on a top-secret project (that may or may not have all, partial, or nothing to do with the above image....). This will not be the highest priority project (i.e. I could be working on this a looooong time because I'm a horrible procrastinator) but I want it to be an ongoing 'thing that sits there in the corner and I have to keep moving it until I get fed up enough to work on it' type of thing. Did that make sense? I'll be starting this Oh So Mysterious project probably sometime really soon, depending on outside factors. Boy, I really am keeping this vague, aren't I.... Well, it's a present for a friend's birthday which is tomorrow, and once she knows about it, then I'll post about it here.

In the meantime... here are some New Year's Resolutions for 2008.

This year, I will greatly reduce the amount of extra project-less fabric purchases, as I should be acquiring a large amount of my dead grandmother's stash.

This year I will attempt to try and use my current fabric stash instead of just looking at it.

This year, I will be more diligent about working on projects daily and keeping progress going on such projects, so as to prevent my Ongoing Projects box from overflowing, and maybe even reducing the contents of said box.

This year, I will keep my work area more organized, or I will at the very least keep things off the floor. And I will vacuum cat hair off the rug more frequently, because three cats, two of which are longhaired, leave a lot of linty residue. (Never wanted to know that about me, did you?)

This year I will count my art, and the progression of, a major priority, topped only by friends and family, school, and my husband. This should make me feel more guilty about procrastinating (in an ideal world).

I have a lot of unrelated resolutions, but they're a bit more boring, things like "I will do the dishes instead of whining to Dane that he needs to do them", so I'll leave them out.


Judi said...

You made me tired just reading your resolutions, LOL. I have one ... I stole it from someone else who stole it from someone who .. well, you get the picture .. Create in 2008!