Thursday, December 13, 2007

Guinea piggin', can you dig it?

I decided that white quilting thread on the journal cover wasn't showing up the way I like. The prints on the front are just too busy. So, I picked out the stitching I'd done and redid it all in brown thread. I don't have any quilting thread in that color, so I used regular all-purpose thread. (And I've discovered that Thread Heaven is one of the best products on the market!) Here's how it looks:

And on the front:

In other news, I picked up my books for the Spring semester yesterday. $300 later, and I'm lugging home a textbook and a study guide for each of my three classes. I spent last night flipping through my Microbiology book and looking at the different bacteria. Rather interesting, and some beautiful ideas for art. Those false-color scanning electron microscopes can produce some pretty awesome images.